carissa scott

Carissa Scott

I lost count at 150 weddings but every single one is as different as the couple in front of the camera. And with all my years of doing this, I've trained my eye to notice things - the sliver of light to create a more editorial feel for portraits, the hugs after you say 'I do', mom and dad dancing the night away.

As your photographer, I keep my hand on the day but let it unfold beautifully as well - a delicate push and pull. It's a balance of keeping you in the best light, but never forcing anything. I'm always guiding and posing you as necessary - you don't ever have to worry about a thing.

And chances are you've never done this before, so let me walk beside you and impart all my knowledge and wedding wisdom to make this wonderful experience for you as seamless as possible.

I want you to remember
these moments forever.


And as a bonus, your grandkids will see what babes their grandparents were.

A few random things that make me human: I adore Jesus and my goldendoodle Riggins (Texas forever) with all my heart. Gifs and breakfast foods are my love language. I cry every time someone is eliminated from The Great British Baking Show. 

I love reading, thrifting and a good St. Germain Spritz. One day, I'll live off the grid - my dream is to have a bunch of land full of chickens and goats and horses and cows and all the other farm things. I'm pretty fluent in sarcasm and not taking myself too seriously.
Being a comedian is a tough job but SOMEONE'S GOTTA DO IT.

why photography?

I was planning on a career in Psychology and school just wasn't for me. Then I went again for Sports Management.. and dropped out, again. I never saw photography coming but it has been the biggest blessing.

In my own life, I know what it's like to cling to every detail of my grandmother's hands - hands that taught me to sew, wiped my tears and so lovingly held 5 year old me.

I want to remember the dishes in the sink, what spoons she used to stir her decaf coffee and what shoes she wore.
I know it won't be like this forever and all I'll have are the memories in my heart and the photos I took.

It's not lost on me the importance of the work I do. I'm unbelievably honored I can call this my JOB.
I vow to cherish your day.

My philosophy is focusing on real moments and documenting your day as organically as possible.. joy, mess, emotions and all.



Christiana + Neil

Carissa sensed what I was feeling before I even knew it. Captured every part of our day perfectly. Every promise she makes, she delivers on.

Exceeded our expectations.

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