A few random things that make me human: breakfast foods, tattoos, live music and Enneagram [I'm a 5] talk is my love language. I love Jesus and I cuss a little. I swear Ron Swanson and I are related but my favorite is Jean-Ralphio Saperstein FOR SOME REASON. Speaking of french fries, I'll take 3 extra sides of ranch!

I'm an introvert at heart, value deep conversation and keeping it real. I embrace my humanness and I want you to, too! Falling in love with the journey, the lessons, the nitty-gritty - I call it pure Joy. I truly believe I was placed on this Earth to walk in abundance, live a big life and call out the light in others.

It's no surprise to me that photography is the work I've fallen in love with. Documenting your love for you to look back on and remember for a lifetime - that's what I'm here for.

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Y E P , T H I S  G I R L

• How I Built This > go-to podcast
• Scattergories > I will kick your ass
• Harvey Spector > babe.
• Matthew 5:13-16 > s a l t  &  l i g h t
• Tito's and Red Bull > drink of choice
• The Head & The Heart > fave forever amen

A  F E W  F A V E S

I'm Carissa! So freaking glad you're here.

So one thing you should know about me: I've been in and out of the wedding industry for years. Whether it's as a coordinator, second shooter or maid of honor - I've seen all sides, all the details, all the work. I recognize the blood, sweat and tears you've put into your day.

If there’s a flower out of place, I got you. Dress needs bustling? Let’s do it. Nerves? I’m your cool, calm and collected friend that will pour you another drink!

Capturing your biggest, most vulnerable moments with you surrounded by your favorite people - I am humbled that I can call this my job! Whether we're among the mountains, somewhere on a beach or in the comfort of your own abode, I want to take this adventure with you.

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C H A R L E S T O N • G R E E N V I L L E
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