We're ready to book, now what?
What the whhaattttt, I'm pumped! Head on over to my 'Book Me' page and fill out the contact form - this way I can gather some details about you, your date and your day. We'll chat whether it's via call, FaceTime, and/or email. From there it's a signed digital contract and a $799 non-refundable retainer to make us besties for the resties.

How many photos can I expect?
Portrait sessions, you can expect to receive around 30-55 images. For weddings, depending on the length of your day 350-700+. I really don't put a cap on what I deliver! What I don't include are the images with eyes closed, duplicates, etc.

How will I receive the images?
Your beautiful full resolution images will be available in an online gallery available for you to download/print.

When can I expect my photos?
I really pride myself on delivering photos as quickly as I do! For weddings, you'll only have to wait 6-8 weeks! For portrait sessions, expect them to you within 4 weeks *happy dancing*

Do you travel? Travel costs?
I do and I LOVE IT. I'm based in Greenville, SC but I'm happy to go anywhere! There is no travel fee within 100 miles of Greenville. Sometimes the fee will be waived based on location in the southeast, depending on day of week or time of year though. For other international or out-of-state weddings, I will give you a custom quote! 

Do you offer prints?
Yes! And albums, too!

For a portrait session, how many outfit changes can I have? What should we wear?
As many as you want! We can venture to a few locations, too. As far as what to wear - generally speaking, anything with minimal pattern and skip anything too bright. Love me some neon, but we don't want your skin to reflect that color! But really, I want you to feel comfortable and like your BEST selves. If an over-sized cardigan is your staple, wear it. You live your life with your hair on top of your head? ME TOO. Long flowy dress and a button-down with some jeans? Doooo it.

Do we need to give you a list of poses we like or shots we want?

Well, yes and no. I will send out a questionaire a month before the wedding asking what family/friend grouping photos you would like and any other extra details to photograph (ex. your grandfather's passed-down watch or great-aunt's necklace you're wearing). As far as anything else, no. I am there to capture moments as they happen, not create fake ones. I'll guide you and prompt you when necessary to evoke the real magic and the real moments.

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