you want to remember the simple ways you adore each other - the side glances, the smirks, the flirting, how he can't take his hands off you - because all the simple intimate ways equal to one big love. and I wouldn't want to change a thing.
come as you are.
and as a bonus, your grandkids will see what babes their grandparents were.

let me be there for you

like the lyric from Nirvana..

come as you are

hi lovers, 
I'm Carissa - a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of lovely Greenville, SC.
I take amazing photos, I'm your ultimate wedding hype woman and yeah, I'm affordable.

this girl

who has two thumbs and will shoot the crap out of your wedding day?

take me anywhere

C H A R L E S T O N • G R E E N V I L L E
N A S H V I L L E • W O R L D W I D E 

wedding + elopement photographer